Monday, April 4, 2011


Art has the freedom to initiate and change lives,
allowing us to imagine a world free from every power
... to dream and inspire anew and grant the arts of freedom.
Art allows us to accept no conditions, no self-evident truth,
no subordination, no political group definitions, no methodical
compulsations, no pleasantness in the face of time and money rules
and no catering to the illusions of the "art for art`s sake" guardians.
The global ecological disaster provides the backdrop for both question
and task, for the independence of art.
In a cultural landscape saturated with flashed screens and second
lives, art that seeks social change seems lost in virtual white-noise.
Forced to the margins, political artists must struggle to find exposure
and support. Artivism was created to challenge those who reject social
and ecological change as a valid and necessary part of artistic work and
Artivism is a network of political art and artists. We embrace art that
confronts, interrogates, or even shrugs off the status quo. Artivism
looks for creativity that threatens the conventional wisdom with
progressive ideas. By highlighting political artists and their work, and by challenging those who deny the political, artivism supports the creation
of critical culture and strives to inspire people to act.


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